Friday, June 16, 2006


I've seen these guys a few times. I love the horns. I hope you all have a peaceful weekend. Enjoy some music, go outside.....take in the beauty of summer. Enjoy the simple things. And when you get back Monday......

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Something that really bothers me about this war on terror is this.....this isn't a real war. War was not declared. We're not at war with a country or a certain people. Being that it is what it is, there's no accountability for the monies that are funding it. Bush doesn't submit a war budget to congress and say this is how much I need and this is what I need it for. No, he just keeps coming back for "emergency funding." I've tried to find a running total of "emergency funds" for this war, but can't. Now this week, we're giving him another $94.5 billion, of which 64.8 billion go towards the war on terror. Attached to that bill was a provision that insured that funds would not be spent to build permanent military bases in Iraq. The Republicans killed that provision.

Anyone who thinks for a minute that we won't have permanent military bases in Iraq, and be there sadly mistaken. They are already there. And no doubt, when all is said and done, the Iraqi's will be asked, as the Japanese were, for "sympathy funding" to support these bases because the "war on terror" has depleted our military budget. Hence, we're left with another country full of people who resent our presence. This boggles my mind.

I guess the reason this came back to mind is because I heard a story yesterday. An IT consultant who contracted, ultimately, to Haliburton, had a very interesting story. He contracted to work in Kuwait on a 6 month contract for 126,000. After 4 months, they said they were going to "promote" him. They flew him back to Texas to fill out paperwork. He then flew back to Iraq on another 6 month contract, at 146,000. He never finished the first contract, but was now getting paid for both. This happened three times. Now we have one man.....being paid for three contracts, and what looks like three bodies working, while it's really only one. This is just one small example of the graft that is occuring.

It makes me sick. It disgusts me, that for the most part, Americans are so stupid. Wake up people. This war is sinking us financially, morally and ethically...not to mention the cost of human life and suffering. If Bin Laden is alive, no doubt he's somewhere proclaiming.......Mission Accomplished. I'm sure he had no idea that we'd fall into this trap as we have......and so willingly and without question.

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Gee, they aren't even sure of the date of death for these men. How could three men die in custody, and you don't know what day they died? More war crimes.....

Army Probes Deaths of 3 Men in Custody

By Associated Press
Posted June 15 2006, 11:15 PM EDT

WASHINGTON -- The Army has opened a criminal investigation into the suspicious deaths of three men in military custody in Iraq in early May.

The investigation by the Army's Criminal Investigation Command was requested by Lt. Gen. Peter W. Chiarelli, commander of multinational forces in Iraq. Chiarelli's request and the decision to open the probe were announced Thursday in an e-mail from Baghdad.

Chiarelli acted on the basis of suspicions raised by soldiers about the deaths in Coalition Force custody in southern Salahuddin province on or about May 9.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Music, for me, has always been non political. I've never, until recently and because of the way Republicans have treated this group, thought about any artist's political affiliation. I either like your music, or I don't....and it has nothing to do with politics. I'm sure many of the artists I love don't share my political views. Doesn't matter to me.... it's about the music, not the politics. So this ban on of the Dixie Chicks, to me, is so utterly ridiculous. In the last week, on MSNBC, they have been yakking it up how they are cancelling dates and having to tour overseas. One guy last night stated they won't make any money overseas. Notice their England date is sold out. That someone would not listen to, buy their cd's or go see them in concert because they don't share the same views is stupid. And the "liberal" media's contribution to their possibly having to cancel tour dates here in the U.S.....well, shame on them. It's about the music folks.....

We've got our tickets for the October 7th show in Ft. Lauderdale. Not because I want to support their political views...because they are a great act. The first time I saw them was at the United Center in Chicago. I had never seen a concert there prior to that, and I went there figuring the acoustics would be really bad. What a was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. The acoustics were excellent and these Chicks put on a show that's worth every single last penny. So, I'd encourage my friends to go see them......not so much because of their politics, although I like their politics, but because they really are a great act!!!

Tour dates

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Bush asks Americans for more sacrifice, patience

Patience and sacrifice, eh? I don't think so George. My patience with this needless war wore out a long time ago, and I do believe 2,497 U.S. deaths and God only knows how many wounded and maimed is quite enough. Why not put your daughters where your mouth is George? What are the twins doing? What are Jeb's kids doing? What are all the Senator's and Representative's kids doing? Let's even the playing field George. Let's send your kids to Iraq. What sacrifice are you making???? What sacrifice are your family members making? Your friends? How willing would you be to continue to ask for sacrifice and patience if it were your family members dying and being maimed? What sacrifice would you be willing to make if it weren't your friends making billions of dollars on this war? Fuck you and your sacrifice and patience. You have no idea what that means. You don't live in that world.

By Christine Hauser
The New York Times
Posted June 15 2006

Hours after he returned from a surprise visit to Baghdad, President Bush said Wednesday that more "sacrifice and patience" would be needed from the American people as U.S. troops stay in Iraq to support the new government there and to continue to fight the insurgency.

He also said the new Iraqi government was concerned that "America will lose its nerve" in Iraq, and he warned that an early withdrawal of American troops would be a major setback to the fight against terrorism.

Read the full article here

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I wanted to post this morning about Flag Day, but ran out of time and had to run. I drove all over the Ft. Lauderdale/Miami area today, and didn't notice one flag on one house. When I was a kid, there were flags on just about every house on flag day. Now..... people don't even know it's flag day. Just thought I'd mention it. I even went out to make sure the American Flag and the POW flag were flying high on the boat..... call me crazy. :-) Such a busy hectic world we live in today, people don't bother with stuff like this anymore.

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How to make friends and influence people, eh? I guess Foreign Minister Ahern didn't know this is Bush we're talking about. He doesn't have to abide by any stinking laws. He's the decider! Ahern better watch out, or Bush might have to sneak into the country to pay him a visit!!

U.S. military broke law, Ireland says

The Associated Press
Posted June 14 2006

DUBLIN, Ireland · The U.S. military violated Irish law by transporting a convicted U.S. Marine through Shannon Airport without government permission, Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern announced Tuesday.

The episode -- discovered when a cleaner spotted the man, in handcuffs and military fatigues, on the plane at the airport -- underscored Irish suspicions that the U.S. military also could be ferrying munitions and terrorism suspects through this officially neutral nation.


U.S. Ambassador James Kenny confirmed that a U.S. Marine, who had been convicted of stealing by a U.S. military tribunal in Kuwait, was being transported Sunday under guard on a Defense Department-chartered aircraft. He said the military should have sought written permission from Ireland's Justice Department to bring the convict into Irish airspace but failed to do so.

"We regret that this incident happened and are reviewing procedures closely with Irish authorities to ensure that this does not happen again," said Kenny, who pledged that all future U.S. military and chartered troop transports refueling in Shannon would be "completely transparent and in conformity with Irish law and the wishes of the Irish government."

Ahern, who summoned Kenny for an explanation Monday night, said: "This failure, though inadvertent, is unacceptable. It is a matter of gravest concern to the Irish government."

He said the legal breach was particularly sensitive because of widespread suspicions that the Central Intelligence Agency was using Shannon -- a strategically located, trans-Atlantic refueling point -- for transporting al-Qaida and Taliban suspects. Both the Irish and U.S. governments have denied this.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i heard this kid's Mother on the radio yesterday. She suffers from PTSD, and she was suicidal when in Iraq for her first tour. She did not seek medical help while there, because she stated, if you do, you are harrassed beyond belief. The Mother is very very worried for her daughter's safety, due to her fragile mental state. Very sad......

Eugene Soldier refuses to deploy to Iraq


EUGENE, Ore. -- A 21-year-old woman who refused to deploy with her Army unit to Iraq for a second tour has been arrested and will be returned to Fort Lewis, Wash., Eugene police said Monday.

Eugene Police spokesman Sgt. Rich Stronach said Spec. Suzanne Swift, 21, told officers she did not want to go back to Iraq. She was picked up Sunday night at the request of the Army.

Stronach said Swift at first did not say who she was but was identified by tattoos described in the warrant and was arrested at her family's home without incident.

She was listed as AWOL late last year and her unit left for Iraq without her. She served her first tour in Iraq with a military police unit in 2004, her mother, Sarah Rich, told Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Rich said her daughter broke down and said she could not return because of the war and the way she was treated. She said her daughter was belittled, called names, and frequently propositioned.

Swift is expected to be returned to Fort Lewis on Tuesday

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Monday, June 12, 2006


'Depraved' civil servants play naked office pranks

Matt Weaver
Monday June 12, 2006

Civil servants who were supposed to be administering the government's much-criticised farm subsidies system have been taking part in 'depraved' office pranks such as leaping naked from filing cabinets.
The beleaguered Rural Payment Agency has begun an investigation into the behaviour of its staff at its Newcastle office, which allegedly included leaving cups of vomit in cupboards, taking drugs, having sex in toilets and holding breakdancing competitions during office hours.

The agency, which delayed the payment of £1.5bn worth of European subsidies to thousands of farmers, said it has so far sacked one junior member of staff over the allegations.

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I heard about this on the radio this morning. Funny how different news sources report on things.

LA Times


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This is scary. The guy reported his wife was bleeding.....not good to be in the shark infested Atlantic ocean bleeding. Also, not too smart to go in the ocean without any GPS system. I hope they find these people!

Coast Guard searching for 9 people after report 33-foot boat sank off Boynton

Associated Press
Posted June 12 2006, 9:53 AM EDT

BOYNTON BEACH -- The U.S. Coast Guard was searching Monday for nine people after receiving a call that their boat sank about three miles off the Boynton Beach Inlet.

The five adults and four children were reportedly on 33-foot Grady-White powerboat named the Blue Sheep when the vessel began taking on water Sunday night, officials said. Officials did not know who owned the boat or where it came from.

Read the rest here

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Well, they had been saying Alberto would not reach Hurricane status, but now it's predicted to hit Florida as a category 1. I've been in a Cat 1 hurricane. Nothing to sneeze at. Winds are now up to 70mph and pressure down to 997.

You can track the coordinates here

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