Thursday, June 15, 2006


Bush asks Americans for more sacrifice, patience

Patience and sacrifice, eh? I don't think so George. My patience with this needless war wore out a long time ago, and I do believe 2,497 U.S. deaths and God only knows how many wounded and maimed is quite enough. Why not put your daughters where your mouth is George? What are the twins doing? What are Jeb's kids doing? What are all the Senator's and Representative's kids doing? Let's even the playing field George. Let's send your kids to Iraq. What sacrifice are you making???? What sacrifice are your family members making? Your friends? How willing would you be to continue to ask for sacrifice and patience if it were your family members dying and being maimed? What sacrifice would you be willing to make if it weren't your friends making billions of dollars on this war? Fuck you and your sacrifice and patience. You have no idea what that means. You don't live in that world.

By Christine Hauser
The New York Times
Posted June 15 2006

Hours after he returned from a surprise visit to Baghdad, President Bush said Wednesday that more "sacrifice and patience" would be needed from the American people as U.S. troops stay in Iraq to support the new government there and to continue to fight the insurgency.

He also said the new Iraqi government was concerned that "America will lose its nerve" in Iraq, and he warned that an early withdrawal of American troops would be a major setback to the fight against terrorism.

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