Friday, June 16, 2006


Something that really bothers me about this war on terror is this.....this isn't a real war. War was not declared. We're not at war with a country or a certain people. Being that it is what it is, there's no accountability for the monies that are funding it. Bush doesn't submit a war budget to congress and say this is how much I need and this is what I need it for. No, he just keeps coming back for "emergency funding." I've tried to find a running total of "emergency funds" for this war, but can't. Now this week, we're giving him another $94.5 billion, of which 64.8 billion go towards the war on terror. Attached to that bill was a provision that insured that funds would not be spent to build permanent military bases in Iraq. The Republicans killed that provision.

Anyone who thinks for a minute that we won't have permanent military bases in Iraq, and be there sadly mistaken. They are already there. And no doubt, when all is said and done, the Iraqi's will be asked, as the Japanese were, for "sympathy funding" to support these bases because the "war on terror" has depleted our military budget. Hence, we're left with another country full of people who resent our presence. This boggles my mind.

I guess the reason this came back to mind is because I heard a story yesterday. An IT consultant who contracted, ultimately, to Haliburton, had a very interesting story. He contracted to work in Kuwait on a 6 month contract for 126,000. After 4 months, they said they were going to "promote" him. They flew him back to Texas to fill out paperwork. He then flew back to Iraq on another 6 month contract, at 146,000. He never finished the first contract, but was now getting paid for both. This happened three times. Now we have one man.....being paid for three contracts, and what looks like three bodies working, while it's really only one. This is just one small example of the graft that is occuring.

It makes me sick. It disgusts me, that for the most part, Americans are so stupid. Wake up people. This war is sinking us financially, morally and ethically...not to mention the cost of human life and suffering. If Bin Laden is alive, no doubt he's somewhere proclaiming.......Mission Accomplished. I'm sure he had no idea that we'd fall into this trap as we have......and so willingly and without question.

Question Girl