Saturday, September 02, 2006

N Korea accuses US over missiles

North Korea has accused the US of threatening war by conducting a missile defence test and vowed to strengthen its self-defence in response.

The US was increasing tensions on the Korean peninsula with its test and by holding military drills with South Korea, a North Korean statement said.

Hours earlier, the US military said it had successfully intercepted a dummy long-range warhead over the Pacific.

In July, Pyongyang test-fired several missiles, raising regional tensions.

The US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) said a target missile launched from Alaska was successfully shot down by an interceptor sent up from California on Friday.

"What we did today is a huge step in terms of our systematic approach to continuing to field, continuing to deploy and continuing to develop a missile defence system for the US, for our allies, our friends, our deployed forces around the world," Lt Gen Henry Obering, the MDA's director, said.

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Great! Just what we need, more stress, more tension. And when that bubble goes to pop, look out! Is what we get for being stuck between a N Korean madman and Bush... madman, American version.