Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Senate Approves More Offshore Drilling

H. Josef Hebert
AP, Wednesday, August 2, 2006

WASHINGTON -- The Senate wants to expand oil and gas drilling to a large chunk of the Gulf of Mexico that has been off limits to energy companies.

But the House has a more ambitious plan: Open coastal waters to drilling everywhere unless a state objects.

Opening the Outer Continental Shelf to oil and gas rigs has moved to the center of the energy debate in Congress where lawmakers for months have struggled to respond to growing anger among voters over high energy prices _ a particular problem in an election year.

By a vote of 71-25 Tuesday, the Senate passed a bill directing the Interior Department to begin selling leases for oil and gas development in 8.3 million acres of the east-central Gulf of Mexico _ about 100 miles from the nearest land and 125 to 310 miles from Florida beaches.

the rest of this crappy story...

"Open coastal waters to drilling everywhere unless a state objects."

And if they DO object??? Yeah, just what I thought...
I know my state will object. We Kentuckians won't put up with that shit!