Tuesday, August 01, 2006


pie chart     
It's obvious to me that our foreign policy, especially when dealing with Islamic populations, is not working. And I'd think this would be a major concern, and something we'd want to work on, being that 21% of the world population is Islamic.

Bush and Rice are met with huge protests by that population everywhere they go. Being that they account for 21% of the population, you'd think there'd be some concern about that. You'd think they'd be brainstorming to find a way to better our foreign policy.

     protesters in Palestine

protesters in Jakarta     
To better our relationship with the Islamic population of the world. Instead, they seem to be inflaming that population, and in doing so, creating more and more hatred for the U.S, more and more terrorists and an ever eroding political situation in the Middle East.
What has our recent action/reaction to the Israel/Lebanese conflict done to further grow the hatred for the U.S. around the world?

     protesters in Pakistan

protesters in India     
If you ask me, I think it's time we start thinking more about how to get along with that 21%........ what do you think?

Question Girl