Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Well, the guy has pretty much sealed it in cement now with his continued cold, uncaring comments. We are the most hated country in the world. There will be an enormous amount of blowback for this asshat's stance on this conflict, and his actions around the world. Our kids kids will more than likely suffer the blowback. It won't happen overnight...... but it will happen. What is it with this guy and death.....does he drink so much that it just doesn't phase him??? We won't send troops to Lebanon.....but we'll send Haliburton and Kellogg and the rest of them in with our money. Garrrrroooontttteeeeeddd

Bush: We won't send soldiers to Lebanon

American president says that he would be happy to help organize multinational force in southern Lebanon, but won't send US soldiers. Reiterates Israel's right to defend itself: 'Terrible situation where innocent people lose their lives. And yesterday's situation was awful, but it's also awful that million Israelis worried about rockets'

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