Monday, July 31, 2006


And the world passes us by........ no child left behind, eh George? What about our college kids???? There isn't one single important thing that this administration hasn't totally fucked up. If their goal is to eliminate the middle class, they're doing a heck of a job!!!!! Give em a raise!!!
My son's girlfriend, who lost both parents and grandparents in highschool, has struggled along trying to make it through college. She had to drop courses last year to work full time and try and save enough money to continue on. As yet, she hasn't been able to return.

College aid falls far short of need
July 31, 2006

BY DAVE NEWBART Staff Reporter

Needy students at Illinois' public universities are straddling the biggest gap ever between skyrocketing tuition bills and stagnant pools of financial aid. Now more than $200 million short of funds to meet financial need, Illinois public universities must count on students to pay a far larger portion of the tuition bills.

In the last five years, the amount of unmet need at Illinois universities rose nearly 50 percent.

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