Sunday, July 30, 2006


I hate it that I think like this, but I do. Perhaps Israel is bombing civilian areas and killing innocent Lebanese to escalate the war. Why? So Bush can go into Syria and Iran. Backdoor man. Hang onto your hats folks.....

July 30, 2006

In their joint press Conference at the White House , President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair renewed in no uncertain terms their threats against Syria and Iran. These threats are now backed by concrete military plans.

"The message is very, very simple to them. It is that, you have a choice. Iran and Syria have a choice. And they may think that they can avoid this choice; in fact, they can't. And when things are set in train like what has happened in Lebanon over the past few weeks, it only, in my view, underscores the fact they have this choice. They can either come in and participate as proper and responsible members of the international community, or they will face the risk of increasing confrontation.

This and other statements point to escalation where Lebanon is slated to be used as a casus belli, a just cause for war on Iran and Syria, due to their alleged support to Hizbollah.

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