Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lieberman's Eroding Base

Many Democratic Faithful Support a Political Newcomer Rather Than the Senator Who Has Not Toed Party Line

Shailagh Murray
Washington Post
Sunday, July 30, 2006

Irving Stolberg is not just another Connecticut Democrat who wants Joe Lieberman out of office.

The former speaker of the Connecticut House is one of Lieberman's oldest allies in state politics. The two met as antiwar activists in the late 1960s and won seats to the legislature together in 1970, and Stolberg remained an admirer when Lieberman drifted to the political center, while Stolberg stuck to his liberal roots.

But this year, as Lieberman battles for a fourth term in the Senate, Stolberg has reluctantly endorsed his ally's Democratic primary opponent, multimillionaire businessman and political neophyte Ned Lamont. "It's been a wrenching decision. I've supported him every step," Stolberg said of Lieberman. "But the issues and the principles trump 40 years of friendship."

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Why are our politicians so in the dark? Joe, check out the job description. High and mighty arrogance won't be on there. Catering to the wants, needs and concerns of 'the people', (your base), IS!
It's called thumbing your nose at the very people that helped get you in office. And, Joe, the people don't like it.