Friday, August 25, 2006

A moron speaks!

Survivor thanks Bush, in person
President says milestone is a time to recommit aid; Democrats cite lack of services

Houston Chronicle Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON — The approach of Hurricane Katrina's one-year anniversary next week is churning up memories of death, destruction and the admittedly sluggish government response.

Mindful of the dark reminders, the White House extended its counter-message to a third consecutive day Wednesday with the folksy arrival of a New Orleans-area businessman. He delivered a thank-you to President Bush.

Rockey Vaccarella, a fast-food chain manager, drove from his storm-scarred state to the District of Columbia in a mock-up of the Federal Emergency Management Agency trailer he has inhabited in his front yard with his family since Katrina wiped out his house in Meraux, La.

"My mission was very simple," said Vaccarella, 41. "I wanted to thank President Bush for the millions of FEMA trailers that were brought down there. They gave roofs over people's heads."

Vaccarella, who once ran for local office as a Republican, chatted with Bush privately for 30 minutes in the Oval Office and appeared with the president on the South Lawn driveway. He said he'd like to see Bush serve a third term.

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No time to speak to Cindy Sheehan but plenty of time for this bozo.