Friday, August 25, 2006

Those silly Rethuglicans...

(From the Sen. Allen Apologizes for 'Macaca' Jibe story, Forbes)

Allen on Wednesday tracked down a phone number for Sidarth at the University of Virginia, where the 20-year-old had returned for his senior year, and apologized to him, said campaign manager Dick Wadhams.

"Senator Allen made a heartfelt apology," Wadhams said. "He told Sidarth he thought he would see him on the campaign trail, but Sidarth had headed back to U.Va., so we Googled his name, found his number and the senator called him this morning."

Thank God for Google! No phone number, no apology. No apology, no presidential run. No presidential run, no chance to rule earth.

Wadhams on Saturday had sent a memo to Republican leaders decrying a media "feeding frenzy" over the remark, saying it "did not warrant coverage in the first place," and accusing Democrats of trying to "play the race card."

Very effective rethuglican strategy here. No matter what illegal or shameless act, accuse your opponents of being somehow worse at it. Oh, and finger point... finger point!

GOP strategists agreed it was damaging but said it need not doom Allen politically.

"Senator Allen needs to make it clear that he made a mistake, that this was obviously something he should not have done," said Mike Mahaffey, a former Iowa Republican Party chairman.

Iowa's nominating caucuses rely on one-to-one politics, giving Allen a chance to personally appeal to voters and convince them the incident was an aberration.

"If he can come across as sincere in that regard, it will not hamper him in Iowa," said Mahaffey, a GOP activist with a law practice in Montezuma, Iowa.

Those Rethuglicans... what role models they are! Commit a crime/heinous offense - apologize days/weeks later - finger point! - have another well-known rethuglican (one who has not yet committed a crime/heinous offense [well, one not yet brought to the public's attention]) proclaim on teevee that you have God's ear - run for president - smear/swiftboat your opponent - lose but have a handful of judge-friends proclaim you as winner - rule earth, start illegal wars and bankrupt America.