Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Karr's family offers book, movie rights

AP Special Correspondent

LOS ANGELES - John Mark Karr's relatives offered the movie and book rights to the family's story Wednesday in hopes of hiring a high-level attorney to defend the schoolteacher against charges he killed 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey.

Karr's father and brother hired actor, author and producer Larry Garrison to represent them in any media deals and to help them find a top attorney to represent Karr, who is in a Los Angeles jail awaiting transfer to Colorado to face allegations he killed the girl in 1996.

Garrison told AP that while the family's film and book rights are secured, no money has changed hands yet. He said he promised the Karrs a portion of any money made by the effort.

"I can tell you they proclaim his innocence," Garrison said. "They feel he was not there at the time, that some of the statements made by the press are absurd."

He said the family is not looking to get rich off the story.

"These people are spiritually coming from the right place," Garrison said. "They're really good people. They're family oriented. They're not greedy. They're looking for the spin to stop."

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Can't say that I blame them. Karr evaded trouble in Thailand. He'll most likely walk away fom this too... rich and famous. I can't really say I blame the media either. They're only giving the people what they want.
We're to blame. Us. We, who cannot stomach to see our young boys return home from Iraq in body bags and coffins, willingly lap up every minute of teevee time that's dedicated to such drivel.

We've gotten what we deserved.

(Hat tip to Batocchio for the article)