Monday, June 26, 2006


Thank goodness for this. I wonder if this judge is a veteran! This breach in privacy is totally outrageous and offering free credit monitoring is NOT enough. This administration is the most incompetent EVER, and it's time they pay for their incompetence. The guy who took this computer home, to my knowledge, was not fired. Why not???? Stay tuned for the hearing Friday.....

By Hope Yen
The Associated Press
Posted June 26 2006

WASHINGTON · A federal judge temporarily has barred the government from publicizing its free credit monitoring offer to veterans whose personal data was stolen and wants to see if they might get a better federal offer.

Lawyers who have filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the 26.5 million veterans and active-duty troops affected contend that accepting the government's offer could jeopardize their chance of winning more money in the privacy suit.

U.S. District Judge William Bertelsman in Kentucky scheduled a hearing this Friday to determine whether the Veterans Affairs Department should revise its offer. His order on the credit monitoring was issued late last Friday.

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