Sunday, June 25, 2006


The world looks on as we hold people without charging them with anything, or allowing them a trial.

Lookout over naval base grows as tourist spot

By Ruth Morris
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted June 25 2006

GUANTANAMO, Cuba · There are no salsa clubs or cigars at the Malones lookout, and mosquitoes are more plentiful than mojitos.

But for the hardy traveler there is a sweeping view of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Station, and a chance to peer through a telescope at U.S. Marines, who peer back across the yawning U.S.-Cuban political divide.

"This is the last castle of the Cold War," said Guillermo Juliá Fernandez, as he handed out icy cups of pineapple juice and rum to visitors, and then pointed out an American flag, hanging still, across a windless minefield. "It's a piece of Cuba that should belong to Cuba."

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