Monday, May 22, 2006


Considering the extremely high level of debt to foreign governments, foreign banks and other foreign NGOs this already morally bankrupt government we currently have has piled up, and with no end in sight, (300 billion dollar illegal war, tax cuts to the richest, off the scale military spending), I'm trying to figure out how we, if we even can, pay off this debt? Simple, the Saddam Hussien way. A little history might be needed here. After the long and expensive war Iraq had with Iran in the 80's, (in which Rumsfeld and his defense industry cronies sold Iraq weapons) Iraq was financially drained to the point where they could not pay their debt to Kuwait. After trying to re-structure the debt to Kuwait and their refusal to do so, Iraqs logical debt resolution (still having enough weapons we in part had sold to them) was to invade Kuwait. Is it just me, or does anybody else think this sounds a lot like the situation we find ourselves in right now? Wouldn't it be ironic if military dictator Bush decided to use Saddam's way of debt resolution?

Some thoughts brought to you from.................Bro.

Question Girl