Saturday, May 20, 2006


I've been begging my brother to contribute to the blog, and he has. Thank you Bro!

It's not even funny anymore............time to get serious. Having been a fan of "The Daily Show" ( even before Jon Stewart arrived ), and "The Colbert Report," I'm having a hard time laughing about this shit any more. Even though they are obviously on our side, aren't they just exploiting the situation? When our so called leaders are lying to us daily and ignoring any and all domestic and international law, parody and mockery are no longer legitimate forms of entertainment for me. I'm finding myself feeling like I did back in the Nixon era, when just the sight of Nixon's talking head on the TV screen was repulsive to me. I'm thinking the time for civil disobedience is now; before Halliburton can build those detention centers for the illegal immigrants ( yeah, like Bush and the multi-natl. corps (MNCs) will put their cheap labor in jail ). Haven't people figured out that OUR military is being used to aquire assets for the MNCs? Iran will be next, not because of the nuclear threat they pose, but because the oil MNCs want to build a pipeline from the Caspian sea region to the Persian gulf. Why? China. The potential oil and natural gas market in China dwarfs the U.S. market. Right now China is the largest buyer of fibre-optic cable in the world. Once that fibre cable infra-structure is in place the MNCs that are currently outsourcing all those jobs (that Americans used to have)to India and other cheap Asian labor markets, they will move those to China, eventually raising thier stardard of living to the point where the Chinese will abandon thier bicycles for automobiles. Obviously with the massive numbers of soldiers and nuclear weapons China has, the MNCs have come to the conclusion that military dominance is not an option, so having control of the oil/natural gas that China will need to sustain it's viability is the next best way to dominate them. Laughing about it doesn't make it go away, it doesn't even ease the pain......................................................Bro

Question Girl