Thursday, May 18, 2006


Last night on Larry King Live, David O'Reilly of Chevron Oil stated gas prices have risen due to supply and demand. Supplies are low. Read the transcript here. Yet, today, we are told that we have rising supplies. From the Larry King show last night:

CALLER: Yes, hello. I'd like to know please why the second the price of barrel of oil goes up in the world community, why does it go up at the gas station? I know we have tremendous reserves in this country, the oil companies have reserves as do the gas stations.

KING: All right, fair question, David.

O'REILLY: Well it's like any other commodity. It does go up to reflect the concern.

KING: If you have reserves, why does it have to go up?

O'REILLY: Well we don't have reserves. I mean, I think there's a misconception. There's a rapid turnover. I mean, this is just in time delivery. So there's a very turnover to the pump. Also, gasoline goes up because of the local market conditions. It can go up when crude oil prices go down if there's a shortage in one area of the country. Other people think we have just three grades of gasoline, regular, mid and premium.

Oh, no reserves? Ok, even if that IS the case, which I think is a bold faced lie, why do prices go up on gas that's in the ground and already paid for at a lower price? Isn't that where the huge profits come in?

We're getting screwed. Period. And we damn well better get an administration that is going to look into alternative fuel sources. One that doesn't hold secret energy meetings. One that will not cater to the oil companies and will hold them accountable. One that will pass legislation on price gouging. One that will DEFINE price gouging. This administration has fucked us in so many ways.....trying to cope with it all is enough to make one's head explode!!! Need gas? Bend over. Need health insurance? Bend over. Need your privacy protected? Bend over. Need the death and destruction and money pit in Iraq to stop? Bend over. Need your vote to actually count? Bend over. Need secure ports and borders? Bend over. I'll tell ya what...I need a chiropractor from all this bending over!!!

Question Girl