Tuesday, May 16, 2006


49.9 Billion dollar Homeland Security budget and if you think our borders are secure...think again. What is Homeland Security doing with those billions??? Where's it actually going? I'd sure like to know. This immigration talk should not be focused ONLY on the Mexican border. I have news for you..... illegals regularly enter through Florida, along with drugs and whatever else they care to bring in.... and I'm sure this is the case in many other states, too. I live on the coast of Florida, and I'm here to tell you it would be WAYYYYYY to easy for anyone who wanted to enter.....enter. Why is it, when all we've heard from Republicans since 9/11 is they are the ones with the post 9/11 mentality, they have refused to secure our borders? I'll tell ya what.....we haven't been attacked by terrorists because terrorists haven't wanted to attack us. Period. Illegal immigration goes hand in hand with unprotected borders. And 6000 National Guard troops on the Mexican border are going to do nothing to help that. And I'll tell you something else.... I'm more worried about the drugs and possible terrorists and who knows what else that's coming into our country than I the Mexicans who want a job. Why aren't we talking about that?

Border Protection Stretched Thin at Key West

By Stephen Barr
Tuesday, May 16, 2006; Page D04

Yesterday was a typical day for Phil Teitsma , a Customs and Border Protection supervisor at Key West, Fla. He got a call about 7 a.m. from the Coast Guard telling him that two crew members of a speedboat had been detained after they were spotted dropping five people off on an uninhabited island near the Florida coast.

Teitsma started to arrange for CBP officers to formally arrest the two boaters, but the local Border Patrol office said it would take over and seek possible prosecution on charges of alien smuggling. Teitsma did not object.

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