Monday, May 22, 2006


June has been designated Torture Awareness month, and I've signed on. It's time for Americans to wake up. Many things President Bush has done have hurt us internationally. That is, hurt the way Americans and the United States are viewed. I think the single thing that has hurt us the most, is his policies on torture. Or should I say, his approval of torture. One of the most disturbing events, to me, was the McCain Anti-Torture bill. I'll never forget the footage of McCain and Bush sitting together all kissy face smiley to let the Americans know they had reached an agreement on the Anti-Torture bill. I remember thinking...well alright....maybe there's hope. My hopes were quickly dashed. What people don't remember is that Bush didn't sign the bill for two weeks. No.....he waited until 8pm on December 30th (New Years weekend), when no one was watching, and attached a signing statement to it. The signing statement clearly stated the President will only follow the new Anti-Torture law "in a manner consistent with the constitutional authority of the President to supervise the unitary executive branch....and consistent with the constitutional lmitations on the judicial power." In short, he thinks it is for him, not Congress or the courts to determine when and if the provisions of the Anti-Torture bill interfere with his war making powers. If they do, he will totally and freely ignore the law.
This is NOT ok people! Torture, under any circumstances, is NOT ok. It isn't right, and it doesn't work. It's hurting us internationally, and it will continue to hurt us internationally as long as we, as Americans, don't stand up and say NO MORE TORTURE to this President, and to this Congress.
I urge you to call your Senators and Representatives today and take a stand against torture.

Visit this website to find out about opportunities to oppose torture.

And please, check out the sites of other bloggers who support this effort listed on the sidebar.

Please, step up to the plate America.....and DEMAND accountability from our leaders on this issue.

Question Girl