Sunday, August 06, 2006


I'm not buying that the insurance companies paid out more than they took in. And if they did, too fucking bad. I know people with 4-500.00 a month home insurance bills. Add that to the ridiculous price of housing down here, and property taxes.....and the middle class citizen is out of the market. I wonder how the insurance sitiuation is on the Gulf coast after Katrina. Anyone know?

By Kathy Bushouse
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted August 6 2006

Florida's property insurance market is a mess, despite legislators' attempts to fix it for more than a decade.

The price of home and condominium insurance has soared to dizzying levels. Insurers have dumped longtime customers and slashed coverage for others. The state's home insurer of last resort now is the biggest property insurer in Florida.

More and more homeowners and businesses are forced to ponder whether they can afford the Sunshine State anymore.

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