Sunday, July 02, 2006


Funny how the world can see this, but the knuckleheads running our country can't. God help the next President.....the clean up is going to take years.

By Andrew Hammond

RIYADH (Reuters) - The United States has critically hurt the democracy and human rights agenda around the world through its treatment of Guantanamo Bay detainees and its Middle East policy, a Saudi rights official said on Sunday.

Turky Al Sudairy, head of the Human Rights Commission set up by King Abdullah last September, said rights abuses by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and support for Israel crushing the Palestinian fight against occupation had ruined U.S. credibility on rights.

U.S. authorities say two Saudis were among three suicides last month at its Guantanamo Bay prison, where around 450 Islamic militant suspects including some 90 Saudis are being held outside the jurisdiction of international law.

"People say they did not commit suicide, that they were killed ... It's part of a bigger problem, American policy in the Middle East," Sudairy told Reuters in an interview.

"When the Americans do what they do in Iraq, people will judge them by what they can see going on," he said, referring to revelations about killings and abuse of prisoners.

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