Thursday, June 29, 2006


Oh ok, so the laptop is stolen. A federal judge rules that if veteran's accept the offer of one year credit monitoring it does not mean they give up the right to further sue the government. There's a request for each and every one of the veterans to receive $1000. and NOT lose their right to further sue if they actually suffer identity theft. And all of a sudden, a day before a judgment on all of this.....the laptop mysteriously appears in a park. Oh and guess what??? There was no breach.'s just dandy. No one got the data!!!!

How fucking stupid do they think we are???????

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A stolen laptop computer containing sensitive information on more than 26 million U.S. military veterans has been recovered and a preliminary review indicated no data was taken, the FBI and Veterans Affairs Department said on Thursday.

Both the laptop and the external hard drive that were stolen in early May from the home of a VA employee were recovered, federal authorities said in an announcement along with the Montgomery County, Maryland, Police Department.

Read the full story about this miraculous recovery here

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