Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Evil. Evil. Evil. It makes me sick to hear Israeli spokespeople on the tube saying how sorry they are for the deaths, and how they have nothing against the Lebanese people. May they rot in hell for what they've done to this country and it's people. Pure evil...... lying rotten evil bastards. Are there any protests in Israel? Do the people there think this is acceptable?

TYRE, Lebanon - The wail of ambulance sirens racing to the scene of the latest bombing came to a halt Tuesday. Fire brigades stood silent and impotent in the face of infernos farther south.

Tyre began to settle into an uneasy existence Tuesday during the first full day of an Israeli restriction on vehicular movement. Any vehicle traveling south of the Litani River, the people were warned, would be targeted by Israeli missiles.

"We could not get permission to move from the Israelis," said a dejected Khidr Delbani, a civil defense worker who has been among the first responders to countless scenes of destruction throughout southern Lebanon. "Is that the way a supposed democracy behaves? First they target civilians, now they won't let us help them."

Neither the Lebanese Red Cross, the International Red Cross nor the Lebanese civil defense moved Tuesday as Israel's relentless campaign to pummel Hezbollah continued, often at the expense of Lebanon.

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