Thursday, August 17, 2006


Oh, of course it did. Just ask them....well, you don't have to ask them. They're going to tell you it did. Skeletor whines that Britain has broader powers to fight terrorism and they can hold people for a month without charging them. EXCUSE ME SKELETOR...... you have the FISA act and choose not to use it. You wiretap, you view phone records, you read emails. You arrest people and hold them for YEARS without charging them. You do pretty much anything you fucking want to how does Britain intelligence have anything on you? You already have the tools to fight terrorism. You just don't want to use them. You want to be able to do anything you want, regardless if it's within your legal limits or not. You want no limits. I'm so sick of people saying our intelligence agencies don't have the "tools" they need to fight terrorism. They do. They are in place. And it's been said over and over. If these tools aren't enough, then go to Congress and enact new laws to give you new tools. That's the way it works!!!! What is so hard to understand about that??? The Homeland Security Budget has gone from 19.5 billion in 2002, to 41.1 billion in 2006. Our ports are still not secure, our airports are not secure, our borders are not secure. I think the problem is not that you don't have the tools's that your incompetent and wasteful. You've known since the early 90's about the possibility of "liquids" being used. Why didn't you do something about it? Why are you constantly REactive and not PROactive?
My guess..... some guy in Pakistan was tortured into making up this story. So charges. No pictures of these guys. No plane tickets. No liquids. It sure did take the heat off of Iraq, though.....didn't it. Iraq.....remember.....where more people died in July than any month since we've occupied it. Iraq.....where 2,602 U.S. soldiers have died. Iraq....where British soldiers are walking away. Iraq....where there IS a civil war going on. Iraq....where Americans want our troops out. know.....THAT quaqmire.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
THE AS yet untold story of how British, U.S. and Pakistani authorities thwarted a plot by Islamic extremists to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners could provide a fresh perspective on a heated controversy over intelligence-gathering techniques.

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