Thursday, July 27, 2006

Senate's Gulf drilling bill might soon pass

Herald Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - A measure to open a sprawling, gas-rich area of the Gulf of Mexico to drilling appears close to passage in the Senate, despite opposition from senators who fear the move will give the House leverage to erode coastal protections that have barred drilling off Florida's coastline since 1981.

The Senate voted 86 to 12 Wednesday to begin debate on the measure, a procedural move, but one that suggested widespread support for the bill, boosted by its supporters as a way to cap soaring energy costs.

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Par for the course. The people lining their pockets from all the oil production will be able to vacation on distant (clean) beaches. Tourism ranks extremely high for Florida. I wonder what Jeb thinks of this? Oh wait, his 'tour of duty' is about up isn't it...