Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jeff Gannon's visit to the Log Cabin Republicans

Pearls of wisdom uttered by our man Gannon at the gathering...

Some sample wisdom on Madonna: "The slut, not the blessed mother of Christ."

On former Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey: "By day he's doing photo-ops with his wife and kids, and by night he's on his knees at a truck stop in New Jersey."

On the fact that a certain homophobic Pennsylvania senator has a gay press secretary: "I think it's a tribute to Rick Santorum. I think it says a lot about the man."

On G.O.P.-turned-Democrat provocateur David Brock: "At 35, he decided that he loved shoving dollar bills down the pants of the twinks down at [D.C. gay strip club] Wet."

Finally, on allegations of his own hooker past: "Responsible people see it my way, that it doesn't matter."

It's Jeff Gannon's moral universe, folks. We're just living in it.

(Thanks, GateCrasher)