Friday, July 07, 2006


My phone rang last night about 9:30. It was my daughter in Chicago. She says to me.."You're not going to believe this.....I am sooooooo mad." Now, my daughter has had ALOT of drama in her life of late, so I'm freaking out thinking now what!! Well, it ends up, she took the train downtown to meet her brother and his girlfriend. They were going to go to the Taste of Chicago. On the way, the train stops. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes.....she gets up and askes the conductor what the problem is. He says, the problem is President Bush. Trains stopped because he was going to be somewhere in the area of Randolph Street. So, she finally gets down there. She meets up with her brother and girlfriend, and they do their thing. When she called me, they were standing on Lake Shore Drive, waiting to cross.....along with hundreds of other Taste of Chicago visitors. They had totally shut down Lake Shore Drive, and wouldn't allow people to cross the street because the King's motorcade was supposed to come that way. The people were yelling and getting really mad. I can tell you, from the sounds of things.....these people weren't just upset because they had to stand there. They genuinely don't like Bush. The comments were NOT kind. They were totally ready to blast the guy once he drove by. Ends up, after about 25 minutes.....Lake Shore Drive is opened back up and they can cross. He never showed. Too bad.....because he would have gotten an earful if he had.

This is so sad. Do you remember the days of JFK? Camelot? Do you know what people would do to get a glimpse of him? Oh my God it was such a big deal. You felt blessed to be able to even see the guy drive by!!! What an honor that was. And now......we've come to this.

And what is Richey Daley doing having dinner with him?? The people of Chicago weren't happy about that. They were talking about it on Lake Shore Drive last night.....and they were wondering.....WTF were you thinking Richey??? Don't you know you played right into Rove's strategy? Gee, why would you do that? I wonder if it involves the name Patrick Fitzgerald. Oh does.

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