Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Things are crazy in the hood. Heat fever abounds. My favorite radio station, 105.9, got a Maverick this week and dropped a ball on it from a crane. They got manikins dressed in Maverick gear and put them in the truck prior to crushing it. The Maverick is now going to be in the celebration parade, and then sent to Mark Cuban, who is known in South Florida as the whiner. The celebration last night went on through the night. A Cuban thing..... clang pots and pans together and barbecue wherever your heart desires. It's been a wild week here. My observations.....get rid of Shaq, hire Lebron James, keep Dwayne Wade (the next Jordan).....and you have a dynasty. I'll skip the Miami parade and opt for the Ft. Lauderdale boat parade. Congratulations Heat!!

Pictures and story here

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