Friday, September 01, 2006


I love music. One style or another is usually playing at my house. Some songs will play in the background and only occasionally will I stop to pay attention. What causes me to pause is usually good enough to make my fingers snap and I'll sing along and the damn good ones, well, there's no choice, I have to dance. Extraordinary music has the opposite effect. Maria Callas, for instance, stills me and brings tears to my eyes. With her it's an emotional ride on the magnificence of her voice. ThePoetryMan and I share a fondness of Rachmaninoff. Miles and Cannonball and Webster are perfect for quiet evenings and lazy Sunday mornings. Tyree once commented that most of today's popular music didn't interest him and the same is true for me. The first time I listened to songs of the 60s and 70s I thought Yep, this is it! This is what I like! And before that, Oh Baby, early Rock 'n Roll. Jump, Jive, Boogie, Rag, Swing, Big Band, Jazz, Bebop, Doowop, R & all led to Rock 'N Roll. I went looking for some of this early influence. In very general terms what I found most pleasing, beginning in the 1930s, was rooted in the South and migrated up the Mississippi to Chicago and Kansas City. A modern rendition of this early music is Stompy Jones. Another take from today is Rock Me by Ray Collins Hot Club. Here's some of the real stuff:
Louis Jordan, Caldonia. Amos Milburn, Down The Road A Piece. Big Joe Turner, Shake Rattle And Roll. Louis Jordan, Beware. Benny Goodman, Why Don't You Do Right with Peggy Lee and Sing Sing Sing and a 1973 Moonglow and a 1937 Medley. Jack Fina, Bumble Boogie. Kaye Kaiser, A Rookie And His Rhythm. Cab Calloway, Jumpin' Jive and Blues In The Night and this deeelicious Back To Charleston Blues. Johnny Long, The Boogie Man. Lionel Hampton, Cobb's Idea. A sweeeeet Ella Fitzgerald, A Tisket A Tasket. Count Basie, Take Me Back Baby. Glenn Miller, In The Mood. Sarah Vaughan, Thinking Of You. Ethel Waters, Taking A Chance On Love. Dinah Washington, Only A Moment Ago. Louis Armstrong and Bille Holiday, Farewell To Storyville. Lena Horn, Paper Doll. Artie Shaw, Everything Is Jumpin'. Louie Jordan and Dinah Washington, What A Difference A Day Makes.
Well, I could go on and on...
Moving on, here's a sample of what the earlier music morphed to:
Bo Diddley, (I don't know the song name). Doowop collections, 1 2 3. Gene Vincent, Be-Bop-A-Lula. Little Richard, Lucille. The Temptations, My Girl. Chuck Berry, You Can't Catch Me. Fats Domino, Blueberry Hill. Big Bopper, Chantilly Lace. Del Shannon, Runaway. Muddy Waters, Got My Mojo Working. Gene Vincent, What'd I Say. Elvis Presley, Blue Suede Shoes.
I would be remiss not to give you hep cats this:
How To Jitterbug