Saturday, August 05, 2006


Over at blogsforbush, "senior writer" Mark Noonan breaks it down for us: the Moslem world is too prideful and they need "intense military humiliation" before they can be our equal.

Why the Enemy Fights
By Mark Noonan
Victor Davis Hanson gets
down to the real reason for this war:
When there is high unemployment, corruption, zero economic
growth, endemic illiteracy and no freedom, mullahs, dictators and jihadists of
the Middle East always seem to fault the ancient colonial power -- Britain,
France or Italy (though rarely Islamic Turkey) -- that supposedly set them back
over a century ago. Or they try blaming the omnipotent United States whose
oilmen developed the riches of the Gulf and whose military has saved Muslims
from Kosovo to Kuwait.
But above all, for decades leaders like Gamal Nasser,
Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat and Osama bin Laden have
scapegoated tiny Israel.
It is the closest Western bogeyman, and its
Holocaust survivors transformed a part of desert into a technologically
sophisticated Western state. Israel's astounding success is a constant irritant
to many nearby Muslims, representing the infidel's ability to fashion a
prosperous Middle Eastern society without oil revenues under democratic
Victimization turns out to be the real creed of the Middle East,
uniting disparate Shiites, Sunnis, dictators, theocrats and terrorists. "They
did it to us" offers an easy explanation of why Islamic states are now weak and
offer little hope to millions of their poor, who, ironically, emigrate to the
much pilloried West by the millions.
Pride, as all believers know, is the
deadliest of sins - it really is the worst, because it leads a person to do all
manner of evil in defense of pride. The other day I linked to an IM conversation
between a Moslem in the middle east and an American Moslem and one of the
reasons the middle eastern person gave for fighting is pride - they are wounded,
deeply, in their pride because the Moslem world is such a complete basket case,
even though - allegedly - God has granted Moslems the authority to rule the
entire world. It is easy to slip from this pride to a desire to believe that the
only reason you are miserable is because others have worked with Satan to thwart
you and destroy your life.
The only eventual cure for all this is for the
Moslem world to humble themselves and realise that they have much to learn - and
much work to do - in order to make their society the equal of others'.
Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to get to this point until the Moslem
world - or, at least that part of it which most determinedly fights - suffers
some rather intense military humiliaton at the hands of western