Saturday, August 26, 2006


This is Barack Obama painting a house in the new Musicians' Village in NOLA. This project, in partnership with Habitat For Humanity, to provide homes for displaced musicians was organized and is chaired by Harry Connick, Jr and Branford Marsalis. The goal is to build 300 homes in NO's Upper Ninth Ward. More info is here.

The Dave Matthews Band has issued a $1.5million challenge to help build Musicians' Village.

Another effort to replaced ruined homes in NO Upper Ninth Ward is The Baptist Crossroads Project. It is especially pleasing and heartening to see their true principles of Christanity put into practice.

Another photo of these new homes can be found to photo #2 of 8.

NBA Hornets have also partnered with Habitat For Humanity with plans to build 15-20 NO homes within the next year. "Hoops For Homes" here.

Operation Home Delivery is the largest project ever undertaken, worldwide, in the history of Habitat For Humanity. In the past year, a list of their accomplishments following the Katrina devastation:

* Nearly 1,600 structurally sound homes have been cleaned out.

* More than $125 million has been pledged and donated.

* More than 32,000 volunteers have registered.

* 340 panelized house-in-box frames have been completed and shipped to the Gulf region.

* 120 families are now living in newly completed homes.

* 230 homes are now under construction.

* 700 lots have been acquired.

Additional HFH news of NOLA/Gulf news is here