Tuesday, July 25, 2006


All 435 seats in the House Of Representatives are up for grabs; Democrats need to retain seats and win an additional 15 for control. In the Senate, an additional 6 seat wins are needed for control.
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The US population is expected to reach 300 million by October of this year. A list of all the states, their population, their number of House seats, and the number of electoral votes assigned to each can be found here.

The United States Congress is a maze of Standing Committees, Sub Committees, Special Committees, Select Committees, Joint Committees.
The list of House Committees can be found here.
The list of Senate Committees can be found here.

Extensive information about the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of our government can be found here.

The November elections are crucial.
If the Democrats regain control of Congress, a sampling of the changes in the various committees from Republican leadership to Democrat leadership are:
Bill Young > John Murtha
Homeland Security:
Harold Rogers > Martin Sabo
Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities:
Jim Saxon > Marty Meehan
Education Reform:
Michael Castle > Lynn Woolsey
Telecommunications and the Internet:
Fred Upton > Edward Markey
Government Reform:
Tom Davis > Henry Waxman
International Relations:
Henry Hyde > Tom Lantos
James Sensenbrenner > John Conyers
David Dreier > Louise Slaughter
Standards of Official Conduct:
Doc Hastings > Alan Mollohan

A more complete listing of committee changes from Republican to Democrat can be found above on the House and Senate links.

An excellent post by BruinKid about the importance of the November elections can be found at Daily Kos here.