Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have a brother. It is a contradiction that he is intelligent and informed and yet he still believes the Bush administration is protecting us from terrorists. During a recent visit he gave me blahblahblah that amounted to "get 'em there before they get us here" and he couldn't be persuaded from his views. His mind is slammed shut on this issue.
The point of me telling you about him is that I believe this will be the Republican central theme during the elections, both for congressional seats and the battle for the presidency. Above all else, conservative America has bought the fallacy, the idiocy, that BushCo is keeping America safe.
So John, this one is for you:

The Terrorism Index

Here is thoughtful analysis of the growing potential for a US attack against Iran:

Mideast Conflict Boosts Chances Of Iran-US Showdown

Where are the protests? Why aren't we in the streets?
With events of this past year, hopes are high for some serious excitement when Cindy Sheehan moves her protest back to Crawford next month. There is plenty of time for plans to join her and other patriots there. If attending is impossible, your dollars will help support her efforts to speak for all of us.
Basic information can be found here:

Gold Star Families For Peace